Furrify Cat Mix – 1 Tub (subscription)

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Add muscles to you cat with FURRIFY CAT MIX powder! It’s formulated to mimic cat’s natural diet, the mouse! If you’re too busy to prepare a meal for your furbaby, don’t fret. A full nutritious meal doesn’t have to be hefty and messy. Just sprinkle a scoop of FURRIFY CAT MIX to your cat’s food. All it takes is 10 seconds…

FURRIFY has natural, essential and bioavailable nutrients that completes any cat food to a full blown enriching meal.
Formulated for MUSCLES GROWTH and with 4 HAIR and SKIN enriching elements that leaves your cat’s fur fuller and shinier:
1. Vitamin for overall skin health
2. Minerals for radiant & shinier coat colours
3. Protein for muscle & fuller strand of hair
4. Fat for thicker skin (foundation/base of thick fur)



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